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Charity Sketch Cards on Auction

Hel~lo internets! I've not been about much the last week or so and now there is lots of catching up to do!

Charity Sketch Cards
A month or so ago I completed 10 sketch cards depicting various favourite movies/cartoon/comic book characters for 5 Finity's annual March of Dimes charitiy auctions - and they are now up for sale on Ebay - please check them out!

(This one, of Karolina from Runaways, was one of my favourites.)

(Sorry if you've seen these everywhere already, I'm just pimping them out as much as possible to draw attention to the auctions!)

Interview! & Google +

Interview with meeeeee! ~ on Alyice Edrich's Art Diary LINK : )

Thank you Alyice!

Also, I am now on Google + & you are welcome to follow me there. There's not a lot public there yet, apart from me having some kind of 80's nostalgia trip. Again.


There are two Legion of Kats related contests on the go at the moment!

#1 Tumblr Giveaway - Deadline September 5th 2011
To enter, simply visit the Legion of Kats tumblr & re-blog the giveaway entry. (I'm afraid you will need a tumblr account to do so.)
Prizes are a custom ACEO (art card) commission and a $10.00 gift voucher for My Etsy Shop!

#2 Original Character 'Evil Villain' Art Contest - Deadline October 5th 2011
For you artistically inclined people, there's an art contest I'm running on my Deviantart gallery - you can read all about it here. Prizes include things like quick commissions, a signed LOKs print, ACEOs and Etsy Shop gift vouchers.

Good luck if you decide to enter!

Postcard Prints & FAQ

Hi all! I hope summer is treating you well so far!

I finally got around to writing a 'Frequently Asked Questions' journal entry on my DeviantART account, and instead of duplicating the whole thing here I thought I'd just link you to it - LINK! Not so much 'frequently asked' as 'I hope this covers everything'. To be honest any questions I get mostly come from people on DA which is why I posted it there, but if you have any other questions please ask away :)

P o s t c a r d P r i n t s
I now have some postcard sized prints available to buy in my Etsy Shop. They are quality postcard prints with a glossy finish on the front and matte finish on the back for writing on. They can be signed on the back at your request and are great for sending or keeping!

Other than that I'm currently finishing up a couple of commissions ~ and poking at my comics...*pokepoke*

Look! A distraction appears! (tumblr) :


Manga Mandy & GalaxGals Sketch Cards

Whoops. I always have the best intentions when it comes to update journals, and then I fail miserably at the actual updating part of things!

Nevermind, have some sketch cards ~Collapse )

Apart from that I have been happily full of commissions :) I'm almost caught up so I'll re-open commissions soon.

Emerald Spring Breeze Collage

So following on from my last post - one of those primed canvases turned green! It was just going that way ~ ! Part of a series of collages I'm playing with - so expect more! They are very fun and relaxing to make. This one is made using green tissue paper, lashings of glue (everywhere and on everything in the house) and gold acrylic paint on an acrylic canvas board.

Emerald Spring Breeze

Emerald Spring Breeze - in indoor light

You can see more photos and get a better idea of the textures here.

I am selling this piece on Etsy if anyone is interested. (Or if you don't have an Etys account you are welcome to contact me & I'll un-list it.)

Paintings and things in the works ~

Base layers are almost dry :)

ACEOs #044-046

There are three new Art Cards (ACEOs) for sale in My Etsy Shop ~ (Though clicking on the images below will let you view them bigger on Deviantart)

ACEO - 044 - HALO

ACEO - 046 - Pink Daisies

ACEO - 045 - Cat Girl

I'm also feeling very Spring like :D


We~lll hello there, little LJ community! Guess who's going to be updating here again?
I must have moved my public blog all over the internet in the past few months, holding accounts at tumblr, blogger and wordpress, but I've decided after thinking long and hard to come back here.

The main reasoning behind this is that I have too many accounts for things in too many different places and I just can't keep up with them, espeically if I want to make posts of any quality over remembering to update all the places I have to update :/

I'm also trying to cut down the amount of time I spend online, and that I spend online updating pointless places while I could spend my online time more productively talking to friends or learning new things.

(There are still several things I dislike about LJ, such as the lack of support for widgets but lets not go into all that now. The fact is, I've decided to come back here :) )

Original Artwork for Sale on Etsy

My much loved original marker work 'Pink Sky At Night' is for sale at my Etsy store - buy it soon before I change my mind!

I've also listed An Alice in Wonderland original marker drawing for sale ;)